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Sunday, 29 May 2011

E3 Expo

So the E3 Expo is coming up, and to be honest, i'm excited, very excited. I can't wait to see all the newest games being announced , and of course Project Cafe's big reveal. Hoping for some big titles to be officially announced. Post below with what you hope to see in this years E3.

Friday, 27 May 2011

MW2 : The Hacks Are Back?!

Hi guys, so today i decided to go ahead and play a bit of Modern Warfare 2 on PS3. I got into a Team Daethmatch on Quarry, and what do you know? Those SON OF A BITCH HACKERS are back!  some random text just started scrolling on my screen, sayin "yeah thats right bitches, Hacks are BACK!!".
What the hell Infiinty Ward?! Good job stopping all that!! Now i'm not sure if its safe to play online again, i mean, will i lose my stuff if one of these assholes suddenly decides to fuck with the game again?!  GET IT SORTED!
Post below with your opinions and what you hope to be done about this.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Modern Warfare 3

So, the MW3 reveal trailer was released a couple of days ago, and to be honest, i think it was a bit of a disappointment, i mean sure, it gave you location details of where the missions will take place, but we didn't get any info on the main storyline! C'mon Infinity Ward, we want more!! Post below with your opinions on the reveal trailer and what you hope to see in the coming months.

My First Blog

Hi, just a quick introductory blog to let everyone know what my future writings will be about. I'm basically just going to be giving my views on latest gaming news and releases, and also generally giving ideas and opinions on what games should be featuring next. I hope you guys and gals enjoy my blog, thanks for reading.