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Wednesday, 20 July 2011


so guys, this domain name should belong to Activision, right? wrong.  everytime you go to this website, it redirects you to EA's Battlefield 3 page!  is this right? Could it be a disgruntled fan boy? whats happening?  
well,, it runs out we have no idea who registered this domain name, but after legal action by activision, the ip address of whoever owns it was revealed. Who knows if they will do anything other than take down the domain.
post below with what you think should happen to it and what the consequences should be.


  1. My guess is a Battlefield fan boy. I can't really see Ea trying to direct traffic from one site to another.

  2. great blog, really interesting! + followed

  3. I agree, most likely sounds like a fanboy

  4. Did they own before modernwarfare3 was even a thought at EA? If so EA has no business going after the website.

  5. Maybe it's just an opportunity to get a bit of money, if Activision claims the domain?